Why is Cat Spa Needed?

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When people talk about pets, the first animal to be mentioned is a dog. Considered as man’s best friend for various reasons, having a dog as a pet is quite an easy choice. Pet dogs also bring a lot of health benefits to its owner such as the improvement in the mood. Aside from the dog, another good choice for a pet is a cat. Though a cat is not that popular of a pet among households, there are still plenty of individuals who like to have a cat as their pet. Like dogs, cats also provide a number of health benefits to its owners. For this reason, it is quite crucial to keep a cat in proper condition and one way to do it is through cat spa.

Health benefits of having cats

Before proceeding with the discussion regarding cat spa, it is important to tackle first the health benefits of owning a cat. According to different health professionals as well as researchers, one of the benefits of having a cat is it lowers the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Based on the study conducted by an American university, individuals without cats have 30 to 40 percent likelihood of dying from a cardiovascular disease. This kind of benefit that cats have to their owners was not seen among dog owners.

Another health benefit that cats provide to their owners is the reduction in the risk of having heart attack. Not only does it help a cat owner avoid ending up with a heart attack, it also helps in decreasing the chance of a person dying suddenly due to heart attack. Cats also decrease the chance of a person suffering from different kinds of allergies. This one benefits newborn babies more than adults. According to some studies conducted, newborn babies living with animals such as cats and dogs have a lesser tendency of developing allergies. The reason behind it is that when babies are already used to living with animals at such an early age, they develop some kind of immunity.

One of the reasons why people like to have a pet is to help them reduce stress and having a cat can do just that. Caring for a cat or the animal cuddling his owner can definitely make a person feel much better, thus reducing his level of stress. Relieving stress is just one of the numerous psychological benefits that cats can provide to its owner. Another one is the reduction of anxiety. Caring for a cat can definitely make a person calm in certain kinds of situation. Studies have shown that when a person is very much concerned of caring for another creature, any worries currently in the mind of a person would be removed.

These are just some of the health benefits that owners can get from their pet cat and there are plenty more to be discussed about it. As mentioned, these benefits can be achieved by a cat owner only if the pet is healthy and does not have any disease. Spa services among pets were first geared towards dog lovers but there has been innovations made to these amenities to cater other animals such as cats, hence, the establishment of cat spa services.

What services can be received from a cat spa?

Different companies providing cat spa provide a climate controlled environment which already contains customizable meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cats have a tendency of being very uptight when they are away from home and for this reason, a number of spa services around the country now offer extensive pampering. Some examples of pampering are manicure, pedicure, and massage.

There are also different services such as dematting and a complete comb or brush out being provided in a cat spa. This service is very essential for cats that have very long hairs. Cat owners can do their own dematting at home but there are certain levels of demands that they cannot do. In these situations, an expert is now needed which is being provided by spa services. To help keep a cat look refreshed, bathing it is needed and majority of spa services provider offer this. Not only that a water bath is provided but also a blow out on the cats. In order to make the cat feel smooth and silky, additional conditioning services is being offered.

Shaving is another service that cats can get from spa services providers. In a cat spa, pets can get a full lion like shave down, or a full or half belly shave. Aside from a shaving service, there are also treatments provided in a cat spa. Some examples of treatments include cleaning of the ears as well as eyes, and also trimming of the nails.

Why is there a need to pamper cats?

Since cats provide a lot benefits to humans, it is just necessary or rather a requirement to pamper them once in a while. Not only that pampering help cats be in a good health condition, it is also a way of giving in return the joy and companionship that they have given to humans. Some examples of the ways on pampering cat pets are getting a toy, styling and having them in a photo session, getting a treadmill, giving a good bath, and scheduling for a cat spa.

For the toy, a rubber ball is a good choice. One important tip for the toys for cats is that there should not be any part that is easily swallowed. Styling the cat and having it in a photo session may seem like a challenging one but the enjoyment that it provides is just irreplaceable. The treadmill is a great way to exercise the cat while indoors especially if the dog owner does not have the convenience of going outdoors for a walk. Not only that bathing the cats help them be refreshed, it also allows them to avoid suffering from any skin infections. Through a cat spa, the pet would be treated like a royalty especially with good massages being provided.

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