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For most people, dressing up their pets can be some sort of a fun thing to do. However, if in the past this activity has been seen as a luxury, nowadays, more and more people are finding pet clothes, especially dog clothes, something that is practical. Because of the growing realization of its importance, dog clothes have now gone from being just a simple one-sy to becoming a complete set that already includes cooling jackets, warmers, sweaters, and even boots. So how do you go about choosing the right dog clothes for your pet?

Tip #1 – Size Does Matter

Just like your clothes should fit you, the dog clothes that you would be buying should also fit your pet. This would mean that you have to take down your pet’s measurements. In order to do this, first you have to measure from the base of the dog’s color to just about where the tail and the dog’s body meets. Be sure to take the measurement while the dog is standing on fours. To get the girth, measure the area just below the front legs, around the widest area.

Tip #2 – To Chew or Not To Chew

Dogs have a tendency to chew things that get their attention. With that said, you have to make sure that the dog clothes you would be getting would not have shiny buttons or dangling designs that the dog can chew on. Keep in mind that these objects, once they become loose, can pose a choking hazard to your pet.

Tip #3 – Wet and Dry

Dogs do not get to be potty trained. When they have to go and you do not give them enough attention, they will go regardless if their pee would land on your prized petunia. This might become a real headache when your dog is in his or her clothes. The best way to handle situations like these would be to get dog clothes that are machine-washable.

Tip #4 – Prozac for Dogs

Even dogs suffer from anxiety attacks. Some of the common causes of these attacks include thunderstorms, loud noises, and the feeling that they are being left behind. In times like these, what your dog would need is a tight warm hug from a dog coat known as an anxiety wrap. An anxiety wrap is based on the principle that the slight pressure being applied by the tight-fitting clothe to the dog’s skin causes it to release nerve impulses that allows the brain to stay more focused.

Tip #5 – ‘This the Season To Be Fashionable

Although letting your dog appear fashionable might be fun, you also have to consider the time of the year. Just as you have different winter clothes and summer clothes, dogs would also need to have lighter clothes during the hot, summer months. In the same line, your dog would also need to have thicker clothes during winter time. The latter is especially true if your dog happens to have short hair.

Tip #6 – Money, Money, Money

As with anything else, you also have to take into consideration your budget. There are a number of shops that sell branded dog clothes. At the same time, there are also little known shops that are able to offer dog clothes at a much more affordable price. Although it is not always the case, do bear in mind that price is sometimes directly proportional to the quality of the dress.

Tip #7 – Mr. Personality

Just like your clothes typically match your mood and your personality, so should your dog clothes match your pet’s personality. If your pet is one who is always on the go, then his or her clothes should be made from sturdy materials. Smaller dogs who are more prone to just staying in one place can make use of dog clothes made from fragile materials.

Tip #8 –The Grand Design of Things

Make sure that your dog clothes are designed in such a way that your pet would be able to do his business without much fuss. There are a number of dog clothes that come with Velcro that you can easily open if your dog needs to pee. Some clothes reach up to the dog’s belly only so that he or she can easily poop.

Tip #9 – It’s All About Credibility

Most dog clothes can be bought online. If this is how you would be getting those for your pet, you have to make sure that the online merchant you would be getting your dog’s clothes from is a reputable one. Check if he or she makes use of a secured payment gateway. As much as possible, go for an online merchant that would be able to provide free shipping in your area. Pay attention to the merchant’s privacy policy if ever you are unsure how they would treat information that you have provided. If you are on a budget, you might want to try looking first at eBay. Keep in mind, however, that these clothes are typically second hand.

Tip #10 – Last But Not The Least

Once you have chosen a few pieces for your pet, make sure that you start slow especially if your pet is not used to wearing dog clothes. Have him or her put on light clothes first. Make sure that you praise and give treats or rewards if your dog is able to wear the clothes for long periods of time. Once your dog gets the hang of things, have him or her put on more complicated dog clothes. Make sure that you still give treats and rewards if he or she does so without much fuss.

Dressing up your pet dog can be quite fun but only if you know what kinds of dress to get and how to motivate your pooch into wearing them all the time. You also have to make sure that you have the budget for this fashionable habit as, once you start with it, you might find it hard to keep yourself from buying more.

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