Before the Introduction

You will have better chance of success if your dog is a puppy. A puppy who grows up with a cat is likely to see the cat as part of the pack.

You will have less chance of success if:

  • Your dog has an aggressive or predatory nature. An aggressive dog can seriously injure or kill a cat.
  • Your cat is a small kitten, or is declawed, handicapped, or elderly. A kitten can be injured by an overly playful dog. Declawed, older, or handicapped cats are less equipped to defend themsleves.

Preparation steps – Important!

  • Get to know your dog and cat well. Be able to interpret their body language and sense their moods.
  • Your dog should be well-trained, and respond to commands to come, stay, and sit.
  • You should also know how to blend mild discipline and positive redirection to gently influence your cat’s behavior.

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There’s no denying that one of the most basic needs of dogs is proper nutrition. It is also one of the best ways to keep your dog healthy. Thousands of food options exist for dogs, so choosing one for your own dog can be quite a struggle. Opinions about canine nutrition vary among vets, breeders, trainers and other dog owners. Bottom line: experts don’t always agree on the best type of dog foods because there is not just one answer.Ultimately, you are the one who needs to decide what food best suits your dog. Do plenty of research so you can make an informed decision. Here are some things to do before you choose.

Get Educated About Nutrition Choices

There is a lot of information about nutrition available on the Web. Always use caution – not all the information you find will be reliable. Your vet is one of your best resources. If you still have questions, you may want to ask for a referral to a  nutritionist.

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The Remarkable Purr of a Cat

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My mailbox often brings interesting challenges, as in a short question from Gideon: “Do cats purr when they are alone?” What a great question! Truthfully, I don’t know if cats purr when they are alone. It seems likely that they do, if one understands a little about why cats purr.

Most experienced “cat wranglers” now know that cats don’t purr only when they are content and happy. They also purr during tense or traumatic moments. When suddenly and violently injured, even at moments near death, a cat will often purr. I’ve often likened this to saying, “Please don’t hurt me any more. I’ll be good,” but recent studies have put a more scientific spin on this seeming anomaly.

It seems that the measurable Hertz of a cat’s purr lies between 25 and 150. Coincidentally (or not) it has been found that sound frequency in this range can stimilate bone growth and healing. ¹ A newer theory is that purring releases endorphins – natural analgesics that reduce pain [click to continue…]


What are the benefits of providing proper grooming to your domestic cat? Domestic cats also deserve proper grooming to keep them healthy and clean. One of the most popular domestic cats is British short-haired cat. One of the things you should know is how to cut your cat’s hair when it is matted mess. Usually, it happens for those domestic cats with long hair and without regular cat brushing. Therefore, the only solution is for you to trim down the hair of your cat. However, this can be avoided if regular cat brushing is done.

Cutting the hair of a domestic cat should be properly done due to the fact that their skin is delicate and sensitive. Their hair is their weapon against the different types of weather. If you happen to cut it too short, your cat can be prone to be sickness or experience some health issues. It is important to know the proper way of cutting the hair of your cat to avoid these problems. The following are some easy steps to cut the hair of your cat. [click to continue…]


Is Candle Wax Toxic to Dogs

Dogs are the creatures that would stand as the best partner a human could ever have. People would do special care to groom their pets. There are people who treat their dogs like their children and make the dog feel that he or she is a real part of the family. But when accidents happen, people would do everything to make their pets feel good immediately. “My dog ate candle wax. Would it hurt my dog?” This is one of the most common problems that dog owners would ask. The incident would usually happen with dogs or puppies that would dig in with anything that would fit their mouth. Owners would tend to have any means just to get wax off the system of their dogs.

It is important to remove wax from the system of the dog especially when the owner is not aware of the amount of wax taken in. To remove wax from the dog would be the best thing that an owner can do for his or her furry friend. One of the candle wax that a dog might accidently eat are ear candles. Owners might happen to leave their opened wrappers of ear candles and the dogs accidentally ate it. That is why it is very dangerous to leave toxic things around the house. The owner should always keep in mind that leaving toxic materials unattended would not only be dangerous for humans but to their pets as well. That is why leaving poisonous materials in the house such as candle wax should always be avoided. [click to continue…]


How to De-Skunk Your Baby Kitten

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Bathing your kitten is much unavoidable if your pet has unfortunately encountered a skunk in your garden. When you have to bath your kitten, it is necessary that the time it spends in the bathtub should be lessened. You should consider these tips, not unless that your kitten is used to taking a bath.

Pre-bathing Considerations:

  • If possible, try to de-skunk your kitten outside your house.
  • You have to prepare the necessary items that you will need in de-skunking your kitten for easy accessibility as you need to do this in a hurry.
  • You will need someone to help you in de-skunking your kitten as you will hold your pet with one hand making you busier.
  • De-skunking your kitten will be smelly and messy, so you need to ensure that you wear gloves and old clothes that are disposable afterwards. Keep in mind that in handling your new born kitten, your smell will be like that of a skunk. [click to continue…]


Bulldogs such English or French bulldogs are personable and sociable animals and they provide several hours of amusement. Aside from their distinctive personality features, they have recognizable look which is their skin folds or wrinkles that comes in several varieties. Some have shallow folds while others have deep and heavily skin folds on their face or tails.  While these dog wrinkles add charm to their appearance, they need extra attention and care because moisture can get in them.  When that happens, it is a perfect dark, moist place for yeast to develop and multiply.  Dog wrinkles can also hide allergens and dirt that may irritate the skin of your English or French bulldogs and lead to infections.

If you left these untreated, the yeast can spread and your dogs will begin to itch.  They will rub or scratch their face into the rough surfaces.  Left untreated, the minor infections will lead to systemic and bigger infections.  The worst part is that the areas which are infected by yeast smell really bad and can reduce your time to cuddle.  That is why, it is very important to clean their dog wrinkles to ensure that your French bulldogs stay healthy. [click to continue…]


Cat pine litter is actually one of the newest litters available in most marketplaces. Different from traditional clay or fresher clumping litters, cat pine litter has innovative odor prevention due to its natural odor-killing feature which the property of pine. Hence, it really became so popular for cat owners since it greatly decreases box odor in their homes.

How to Use a Litter Box

Cats have their natural instinct eliminating on sand or dirt, but you certainly need to experiment from different litter and boxes material in order for you to find which will best match for the cat. To provide you some idea on how to use a litter box, here are some tips to help you for this matter.

  • Give a large litter box that is enough for adult cat where it can stand and turn around in it.
  • Choose a box low enough for a tiny kitten or aging cat for them to be able to climb on it, just like a shallow quadrilateral cat pan.
  • Try both uncovered and covered litter boxes. You might discover that your cat likes uncovered boxes than covered boxes or vice versa.
  • Choose to place the litter boxes in quite areas. [click to continue…]


Having pets in your house and life is considered a blessing. In some little ways, these pets such as cats bring joy and light to your home. Pets have the tendency to make you laugh when you’re sad or provide you the comfort when you’re stressed. Aside from providing comfort and amusement, lots of owners of cats will tell you that having a cat in your home will bring extra joy to your family and life.

If you want your cat to become more confident, house cat training is necessary. Train your cat to become confident especially when it comes to other people and with other cats in the neighborhood. But in order for you to train your cat well, you need to know about the behavior of cats and it doesn’t involve punishments or force because pets such as cats are very sensitive just like dogs.

Whether your cats were born domestically or not, all of them have their unique personalities. Some of them will hide when people unknown to them are near them while others are outgoing. Maybe you are one of those people who love cats and have socialized with them since they are born to two years of age. You will surely notice that cat behavior is actually driven by genetics and the environment they are in. [click to continue…]


One of the most attractive features of cats is their eyes. It comes in different colors and you can consider a cat healthy if it has bright eyes. Their health must be watched properly to ensure that there is no problem such as cats eye infection. However, you will sometimes find that the eyes of your cat become weepy and crusts are formed around it. It must be removed immediately to avoid cat eye allergies and to keep them healthy.
Most cats don’t like messing with their face. Frequently cleaning of cat’s eyes is important to keep them away from cats eye infection. To keep them healthy, you must have proper knowledge on how to do it. The first thing to do is to prepare the things you will need in cleaning your cat’s eye. The things you will need are cotton balls, distilled water, soft washcloth, table salt, two clean cups and large bath towel. [click to continue…]