How to De-Skunk Your Baby Kitten

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Bathing your kitten is much unavoidable if your pet has unfortunately encountered a skunk in your garden. When you have to bath your kitten, it is necessary that the time it spends in the bathtub should be lessened. You should consider these tips, not unless that your kitten is used to taking a bath.

Pre-bathing Considerations:

  • If possible, try to de-skunk your kitten outside your house.
  • You have to prepare the necessary items that you will need in de-skunking your kitten for easy accessibility as you need to do this in a hurry.
  • You will need someone to help you in de-skunking your kitten as you will hold your pet with one hand making you busier.
  • De-skunking your kitten will be smelly and messy, so you need to ensure that you wear gloves and old clothes that are disposable afterwards. Keep in mind that in handling your new born kitten, your smell will be like that of a skunk.

Necessary Things in Cleaning the Kitten

  • Many old towels
  • Two tubs, one should be large for your kitten to fit
  • Kitten eye wash
  • Dish soap (grease cutting)
  • A cup used for rinsing your kitten
  • Tomato juice at room temperature
  • Washcloth
  • Cotton balls
  • Cat shampoo

The De-Skunking or bathing Process

  • Check the eyes of your cat. If the eyes of your pet are watery and red due to the cat skunk spray, immediately use eye wash. Most stores that specialize in pet products have kitten eye wash, but you can also apply vegetable oil in every eye of your pet. This will take away the sting caused by the cat skunk spray on the eyes of your cat, and it will protect them on the process of de-skunking.
  • Use water of body temperature of about 3 inches on the first tub. It is essential that you check the temperature of the water just like the way you do when you are attending on baby bottles but pouring water on your wrist’s underside.
  • The second bucket or tub should be filled with water of same temperature of the first tub.
  • Place all the items necessary in eliminating cat sunk spray in an accessible area.
  • Holding your breath is necessary when you are on the process of eliminating the skunk odor, pick your kitten up and hold your pet firm and gentle, place the animal inside the primary tub or bucket of water.
  • It is a fact that your kitten will surely want to get off the water immediately. If your pet has claws, it could be a dangerous situation for you as a panicked kitten can do serious damage. Hold your pet firmly all the times. It is essential that you have someone to help you in bathing your pet to eliminate the skunk odor.
  • If your kitten isn’t too stressed, it is necessary for you to put cotton balls in its ears to prevent ear infections which happen when their ears got wet. If you can’t get them in, you need to be very careful for them not to get wet.
  • Gently pour some water onto your kitten with an empty cup.
  • Put dish soap of about one tablespoon on your hand then massage it into the fur of your pet. Cat skunk sprays are based on oil, and the dish soap has grease fighting element which will help break the oils as well as reducing the skunk odor staying power. Be careful not to apply the dish soap into the face and eyes of your kitten to avoid irritation.
  • Rinse off your cat using a cup with water from your second bucket of tub.
  • Use tomato juice in massaging your kitten as it will help eliminate the skunk odor for about 15 minutes.
  • Use the washcloth with small amount of tomato juice in rubbing the face and snout of your cat without eye contact.
  • Rinse the tomato juice away from your cat.
  • Use cat shampoo in massaging the fur of your kitten. Avoid using it on the eyes of your new born kittens.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Once your kitten is rinsed completely and without the skunk odor, lift your pet from the bucket of tub with soft towel and wrap him in.
  • Once excess water was blotted away, keep your pet in a warm, draft-free, quiet place until your kitten is completely relaxed and dry.

The skunk odor will not be eliminated one you bath your kitten as it will depend on the cat skunk spray concentration and repeating the procedure is necessary.

Additional Advice and Tips

Bath your new born kittens with the help of someone as they are very unpredictable and to avoid accidents. It is also necessary that you take your pet to the veterinarian for skunk bites and other injury examination. Keep your kitten away from your house and from other people until your pet is skunk odor free. Cat skunk odor permeates anything that is near and it will linger even though your kitten was de-skunked.

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