How To Come Up with A Good Cat Name?

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Aside from dogs, another popular choice as a pet by some people is a cat. Some individuals are very fond of having cats as pets due to the numerous behaviors that are unique for them. It includes purring, kneading, claw sharpening, curiosity and their body language.

Purring are sounds produced by a cat, especially when they were kittens, and also when they feel secured and contented as well as when they are sleeping. Feeling ill or frightened is another situation when the cat would produce a purring sound. Before, purring was believed to be coming from the throat of the cat but over time, this thinking became obsolete. People now believe that the sound is produced by a vibration on the wall of the cat’s chest. Specifically, vibrations are located in the major blood vessels. The purring sound is produced after the vibrations were already transmitted onto the upper air passages of the cat.

Another unique characteristic of a cat is kneading. This one is the motion that is done initially by newborn kittens when they are nursing from their mother. This instinctive motion involves the pressing of the front paw against the tummy of their mother by the kittens. When cats do kneading, it means that they are contented and shows their affection towards their mother. After kneading, it is normally accompanied by purring. Not only that the kittens do kneading, even mother cats do it especially when they feel something soft like a sweater, comforter, pillow, and even the hair of humans.

One of the means of the cats in communicating is through body language. The parts that would allow a person to understand what the cat is feeling or thinking are the eyes, ears, and tails. For example, a contented, relaxed, and observant cat has ears that are up, forward, and slightly outward. Another indication that a cat is contented is when the eyes are slanted and the pupils are in its regular size. The feeling of anxiousness can be characterized when the ears are pointing to the sides and flatten, and the pupils are dilated. More anxious feeling would result to even flatter ears.

Due to these unique characteristics of cats, people are so in love with their cats that they even give them with unique cat names. In choosing for cat names, there are a number of things a cat owner must consider. It includes the way it looks, sounds it produces, or the things it plays. As mentioned, some cat owners give unique or unusual names but one can also go for the common names given to these pets.

Tips in choosing cat names

One tip in choosing cat names is to look into the color of the fur of the cat. The fur color can actually give a cat owner plenty of names to choose from and some are even excellent ones. Less obvious names can also be gotten by a cat owner. One unique name for a cat with a black fur is Snowball. Aside from the fur, another body part to look at is the eyes. One important reminder for this, the blue eyes that the kitten currently possesses may change in color over the course of his lifetime. The eyes of Siamese cats don’t change when they age.

Kittens are definitely cute which is why some owners often give cute cat names, which is suited for some time only. When these kittens grow up, it just seems that these cute names are not suited anymore. If only cats can speak and say to his owner that his name such as Angel or Cupcake is not suited or appropriate anymore for his age, they would have done it already. A cat owner must be very wary of giving cute names since he would be the one who would have problems when the kittens grow up.

Another tip when choosing for cat names is researching about the cultures of other countries. If a person is drawn into the Native American or European cultures, he can get names from these. A person has a great chance of getting an original cat name from these cultures, which may also refer to him personally.

In giving cat names, a person needs to remember to never rush in coming up with it. It is advised for a cat owner to wait for a few days, probably a week’s time, before naming the cat. The reason behind this is that an owner would be able to know his pet even more especially since the character and personality starts to emerge. A person must still be very careful in coming up with the name.

Examples of inspiration for cat names

Coming up with original names can be quite taxing for a cat owner, but one can always get some inspiration for the name in some things. One example would the names of famous cats, especially those who already appeared in the television or movies. A possible name for a cat, especially the female ones, can be Duchess. This was the name used for a Persian in the 1970’s movie The Aristocrats, which is a Disney animation. Another name would be O’Malley, which refers to the character who cherished Duchess in the same movie.

Perhaps one of the most famous cat names is Garfield, a comic strip character created by Jim Davis in 1978. This name is very suitable for cats that are fat and lazy. Another famous cat name coming from a cartoon character is Sylvester. This character is famous for always chasing another cartoon character, Tweetie Pie.

The cat names of the pets of famous personalities can be a good source of inspiration. For example, former President Bill Clinton has a cat named Socks. Morris, a name of the cat invited by former President Richard Nixon to sign a certain law, can be a good name. Morris is an orange-colored tabby cat that co-signed the National Animal Protection Bill with a paw print. Going for this name would certainly make a regular cat a bit famous.

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