Dog Shampoo Recipe: Cheaper yet Effective!

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Dogs are considered to be an excellent pet. Hundreds of thousands of people have dogs as their pets. Dogs are indeed a very loyal animal that can make an excellent friend. They are understanding, playful and have plenty of advantages if kept as a pet. The most prominent advantage is security of yourself and your possessions. However, if one lives with a dog, it is of utmost important that special measures are taken to clean your dog regularly otherwise dog fur can be a habitat for plenty of lice, bacteria and viruses. It is of absolute essence that your dog smells nice, has soft and fluffy fur and gives a clean appearance. One of the best ways to clean your dog is to use a homemade shampoo made by using a dog shampoo recipe.

If you go to a market to buy dog shampoo, you will see plenty of shampoos. You may even get confused as to which one is best for your dog. Moreover, dog shampoos can be expensive and not everyone can really afford them. Nevertheless, money is not an excuse to not clean your pet dog. It will have detrimental effects on you and your family’s health. It is a misconception among people that the more expensive the shampoo, the more effective it is. It is not necessary for you to buy a $150 shampoo to wash your dog with. All you need are some simple dog shampoo recipes.

For years, people have benefited from using dog shampoo made from simple homemade dog shampoo recipes. They are made from products that are easily available from your nearby stores and are quite effective. At times people are left speechless when their own homemade cheaper dog shampoo gives much better results than the imported shampoo that costs them a lot of money.
Do not have any idea about the way to make you won own dog shampoo? Well, read below to come across a couple of amazing dog shampoo recipes which you can easily understand and execute. Give them a try and I am positive you will be left startled.

Firstly, the easiest dog shampoo recipe that I have ever come across is actually one of the most effective. This recipe was introduced to me by my classmate who was crazy about dogs. She had a lot of knowledge about them and guaranteed that if I use this shampoo once, I won’t be using any other thing forever. At first I was skeptical but she was right. From then on I have never looked back or tried to change my shampoo. I am very satisfied. The dog shampoo recipe requires just two very simple ingredients: antibacterial soap and vinegar. You can get both the antibacterial soap and the vinegar from a store near you. Prefer Dial as the soap because this product has good reviews. Mix both the soap and the vinegar in equal amounts, shake well and store this mixture in some old, discarded shampoo bottle. an empty bottle from the store if you don’t have one at home. The antibacterial soap cleanses your dog and removes any sign of bacteria, skin abrasions or itches that you may find. Vinegar removes the smell and any residue from the dog’s coat. An added feature is the fact that your dog smells nice for days.
Another dog shampoo recipe which one of my colleagues uses is slightly different from the one above but has similarly excellent results. It has four basic ingredients and you can lay your hands on them at any departmental store near you.

While using both of the recipes, keep in mind that you do not let the shampoo enter the dog’s eyes. Be careful in this. You may use a little amount of jelly petroleum around the eye to prevent entering of shampoo. Also, before you start using any of your own made shampoos, you must have a patch test. Patch test is done by applying the shampoo on a small area on the dog’s skin and then rinsing it off with plenty of water. Then, check the skin. This is done to foresee if your pet dog is allergic to the shampoo you made or not. Never use a new shampoo without a patch test. Always be sure first. Another, important thing that must be kept in mind is that after you have shampooed your dog, you must rinse WELL. Pour plenty of water and spend some time washing each and every part of your dog. Never do this in a hurry. You do not want any part of the dog left unwashed because this will not remove the dirt properly. Particles may remain attached to the fur.

Some people on the other hand, use dry shampoo for cleaning their dogs. This is also a very effective way of removing odors and dirt from the fur of the animal. All you need is ½ to 1 cup of bran and ½ to 1 cup of oatmeal. Mix these both ingredients in a tight lid container and shake well to blend. Sprinkle the dry shampoo on a small area of your dog. Use a warm towel to rub the powder in a circular motion. In the similar manner rub the powder on the whole animal. Leave for 30 to 50 minutes and then brush your dog thoroughly using a natural bristle brush. The powder will take away the odor and dander leaving your dog clean as new.

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