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One of the favorite pets to have by the people is a dog. No one can just blame these people since a dog is known to be a man’s best friend. Dogs are known for such title because of their ability to be very loyal with their owners. They are even considered as more loyal to humans than most people. The dogs are also recognized as one of the most loyal animals. Due to the love of the people with dogs, people are fond of giving dog names to their pets, where some are even unusual ones.

Other reasons people love dogs

Before going to the dog names, it is important to know first the other reasons why people love to have a pet dog. Dog ownership definitely brings a lot of joys to its owner as well as health benefits. It has been proven that dogs as well as other pet animals are natural mood enhancers. When a person sees his pet dog after a long day at the office, it can definitely help him have a better mood. Being with a dog for just about 15 to 130 minutes can already relieve a person from the anxiousness or stress being felt. Based on studies, the time spent with the dog allows the body of a person to undergo physical changes which results to the difference on the mood. Cortisol level is lowered and on the other hand, serotonin is increased. The former is a hormone associated to stress while serotonin is associated with well-being.

Dogs can also help in keeping a person’s blood pressure in check according to a study conducted on 240 married couples. Pet owners from the number of married couples studied had lower blood pressure as well as lower heart rates when compared to those who do not own one. The involved the respondents were either at rest or were having stress tests. Children with hypertension were able to lower their blood pressure after taking care of a dog according to another study conducted.

Tips in giving dog names

Giving a dog his or her name may seem like an easy one but it is actually a tough task especially to those who are very passionate about their pet. It is important for a dog owner to think carefully the name he would be giving to his pet since it would reflect more on the owner rather than on the dog. The name given would reflect on how the owner sees his dog as well as his relationship with the animal.

The kind of dog name that a person is looking for does not matter; what matters most is the choice of the owner. Being wise in the selection of a name is very necessary. If the dog is male, go for the male dog names and if it is female, go for the female ones. There are also funny dog names that an owner can choose especially if he has a very outgoing personality. For serious-minded people, there are also dog names suited. Names such as Killer, Wolf, and Tiger would give a machismo effect on the dog but these names can be very frightening to some especially to those who are already afraid of it.

In order to keep a dog in good health and in perfect shape, it is important for an owner to walk to his dog for a certain period of time. One of the favorite places for dog owners to walk their pets is in parks. Bringing dogs in the parks has a relation to another tip regarding the giving out of names. One important thing to consider in giving names is that a dog owner must be comfortable in mentioning the name in public at the top of his voice. Names such as Stinkball or Dumbbell are good names and may sound very delightful at first but that is the only time that a dog owner would like it. Shouting those names in public could definitely make someone embarrassed.

When giving unique dog names, one important thing to consider is that the dog must be able to differentiate the name from normal everyday commands. This helps in the avoidance of confusion on the part of the pet dog. If the dog is showing or possessing some unique physical traits, it can be the basis for the name of the pet. Naming a bulldog twinkle toes or sugar plum just doesn’t fit on the physical characteristics of the pet. In relation to the traits of the dog, it is better to hold off for a couple of days the naming of a newborn dog to be able to understand more some of its characteristics. If the pet dog is fond of stealing things and hides it in certain parts of the house, naming it Bandit just suits its characteristics.

Things to keep in mind in giving dog names

In giving dog names, a number of things should be considered by a dog owner, especially in giving unusual names. This kind of names is very popular choices for pets but one must be very careful in giving it. First thing to consider is the embarrassment factor. No dog owner would be very proud of screaming a name such as “Mister Bubbles” in the middle of the night whenever his pet does something unusual. Another is that the vowels carry, especially when calling the dog’s name in a yelling manner. Whenever a person yells a certain name, can be the name of a person, the part that is being held is the vowel.

The personality of the dog is another thing to consider in giving names. Naming a baby poodle with “Bruiser” can be a cute one but does is it really suit to the pup? Probably not. Unusual dog names may be popular but making the name appropriate to the kind of dog is just necessary. Another thing to consider is name changes, which can be a little confusing on the part of the dog. This applies to dogs that have been adopted and already have names upon adoption.

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