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Having a problem finding quality dog grooming clippers? Here is a guide for you how to do it best! Any dog needs grooming every now and then. Dog owners and dog-fanciers must follow certain grooming rules to keep their pets healthy and happy. A lot of people take their pets to professional groomers. But it’s also possible do it at home with a little work. Nowadays, there is a great variety of dog grooming supplies starting with brushes, dog grooming clippers and blades, dog dryers , flea & tick control products ending with grooming tables and more. Each of these goods may range in use, quality, price and style, so a lot goes into the right option for a customer. In this article we are going to provide you with several tried and tested tips on how to make the right and easy choice.

So, before purchasing dog grooming clippers you should:

  • First, make a decision whether you need a clipper for trimming your dog at home between visits to a professional groomer or for full grooming.
    • If you are going to use dog grooming clippers simply to bring your dog’s hair in order from time to time, then a couple of inexpensive clippers for home usage will do.
    • If you want your dog to have a fine pet coat, you may look for a clipper of average price. It is possible to use different blades with it, depending on your dog’s needs.
    • If you are willing to style your pet yourself, you will probably have to purchase professional dog grooming clippers. They have more than one speed and more than a few blades. Some of these clippers are cordless, so there is no necessity to have an outlet at hand.
  • Deciding on dog grooming clippers, it’s important to look up information on the Internet. There are different pet forums where you always find useful advice from dog owners and breeders. Look through pet supply catalogs. Shop around and discover more about dog grooming clippers, their quality and performance. There are a lot of books on dog grooming. Product descriptions are not always reliable enough. You may as well read different reviews on the Internet. All of this will help you not overpay or buy an inappropriate product. In the end you will be ready to make a firm decision. Make sure to have only those dog grooming clippers which are of good quality at affordable price. But if you are not sure how to trim your pet, ask your professional groomer or veterinarian.
  • Now consider the speed of your clipper. It mainly depends on the thickness of the pet’s coat. Dog grooming clippers with a single speed will do for normal and thin hair. Thick coat usually requires a higher speed. If you groom your dog frequently, you can order a dual speed dog grooming clipper.
  • Blades can be of different sizes. They depend on what breeds you are grooming or how short or long the hair of your pet is. The number on the blade indicates how close the cut is, i.e. how much hair your dog grooming clippers will cut off. The highest number is 40 and sometimes even 50 (surgical blades). You should be very careful when using them. A 10 or 15 may be quite enough for pets. But if you are still afraid of producing a too close or uneven cut you can use snap-on guide combs. They are attached to a clipper. You choose the size of a comb and you get a cut exactly of this size. Pretty simple and safe! Many dog grooming clippers come with blades, but some don’t. If you choose to buy them separately, make sure the blades fit the clipper.
  • Think about the simplicity of use. You should look for ergonomic dog grooming clippers so that they fit your hand and do not strain your arm, elbow and wrist. It should be comfortable for you to hold the clipper. Choose clippers with blades which are easy to attach and remove. A clipper should not overheat too fast in hands during clipping. A break-resistant housing will protect your unit from an accidental drop.
  • Now it’s high time to think about maintenance problems. They are oiling and overheating. Most dog grooming clippers have fans. Fur may easily get inside and clog them. This will cause overheating and you will have to stop the entire process. To avoid this you can get a professional clipper. It has a cool running system which will prevent your unit from overheating and will save you time and efforts.
  • One more thing you have to keep in mind. All internal parts of a clipper need to periodically be dismantled and oiled. There are dog grooming clippers which are already lubricated, so you won’t have to do it yourself. You may only apply this procedure to detachable blades of your clipper. Always keep blades clean and dry.
  • Consider noise level. Lots of animals get annoyed and scared of different loud sounds. Quality dog grooming clippers should be equipped with fast and quiet motors.
  • Another thing you need to think of is power source. There are corded and cordless dog grooming clippers   and the choice depends on the area where you are going to groom you pet. Cordless clippers are more portable. But when choosing them consider the type of clippers, clipping speed and how much work you are going to do. Sure you don’t want to run out of battery power in the middle of the clipping process. And do not forget about the weight of your device: electric dog grooming clippers usually weigh a bit more than battery operated ones.
    • A clipper vacuum system that attaches to a clipper and sucks up the hair may also be of great use in today’s grooming process. It cuts down on floating hair, clean up, and breathe in dandruff and hair.
    • And finally, decide on the sum you are ready to spend on your dog grooming clippers. The prices usually vary from $50 to $200. It mostly depends on the speed and features. Some may spend a considerable amount of money on a quality product. Other customers find it more reasonable to look for cheaper grooming supplies. But as practice shows cheap dog grooming clippers can only disappoint you and make you spend even more afterwards. But leading manufacturers in a pet industry such as Oster and Wahl guarantee good quality of their products.

Summing up, your dog grooming clippers should be of high quality, lightweight, relatively quiet, maintenance free and easy in use. Hopefully, this review will be helpful in performing a good quality grooming. The right choice of good dog grooming clippers can make the whole process an easy and rewarding experience. All you need is a bit of tender loving care.

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