Dog Eye Wash: An Effective Eye Protection

Dog Eye Wash: An Effective Eye Protection

by Sergio on January 19, 2012 · 8 comments

Dog eye wash can be a save way to protect your pet’s eyes, and they do need protection as they are constantly exposed to many threats from the environment. There are different factors that affect your dog’s eyes and can cause further damage to the eyesight. The most common irritant is dust. Together with debris, it easily gets into the eyes every single day causing irritation of the cornea. Unlike people, canines are deprived of the possibility to wash their faces properly in order to remove debris and eye discharge. Thus, the responsibility for dog eye care lies with you. Dog eye wash can become an effective alternative to everyday washing. Of course, there is another natural way of cleaning a dog’s eyes – tearing. But most often it’s not enough to keep the eyes healthy, especially in the cases of severe eye irritation. Besides, some dog breeds are born with abnormal drainage system causing excessive tear production. This leads to the appearance of brownish tear stains in the areas surrounding the eye with further discoloring of the hair. Using the right dog eye wash solution will help you deal with this problem.

Another reason for dog eye irritation is an eye infection. It can be caused by viruses, like the Herpes virus, bacteria or even tick bites causing dangerous Lyme disease. If the symptoms, such as redness, bloodshot eyes, mucous discharge, scratching or squinting get worse, see your veterinarian immediately before taking any measures yourself.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, dog eyes may get irritated due to exposure to chemical substances, numerous allergies, cat scratches or other eye injuries, eyelash disorders, and even some underlying diseases. All this increases the necessity for proper dog eye care on your part.

Leading manufacturers that work in the field of pet eye care have formulated a safe and effective method to deal with an array of dog eye problems, including many of the highlighted above. A dog eye wash solution, which is absolutely safe and easy in use, will become an irreplaceable assistant in your pet’s oral hygiene. Here are a couple of commercial eye wash solutions for dogs which you might find useful to keep your pet’s eyes clean and healthy.

Eye Clens Eye Wash and Eye Pads – formulated by veterinarians to flush out irritants of different nature. A new improved formula gently and effectively removes dirt, debris and other irritating substances from a dog’s eyes. Saturate cotton balls with this antiseptic dog eye wash solution and gently wipe the area around the eye. To make the job even easier, use eye pads already wetted in the dog eye wash solution.

Show Eyes Tear Stain Remover – deals with the problem of tear and saliva stains around the eyes and mouth folds. This dog eye wash solution contains Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera to help with eye irritation. Show Eyes Solution is effective in eliminating discolored streaks caused by excessive tearing. Apply the solution itself or use saturated pads to handle this issue. The dog eye wash solution can be used regularly to treat affected areas to prevent further reoccurrence.

There are many other dog eye wash solutions, for example, Healthy Eyes Eye Wash for Dogs, Newton Homeopathics Eye Irritation, Halo Herbal Dog Eye Wash and others, which you can buy online or at a pet clinic on the advice of your vet.

There are holistic methods of treating dog eye issues, i.e. medicated eye drops, anti-bacterial ointments, antibiotics, and more conventional ones. For those not willing to use commercial products, there is a great possibility to make a homemade dog eye wash solution. Moreover, there are more ways than you can imagine how to create an effective dog eye wash solution yourself. Here are some of them.

  • The most common and easy-to-do one is to prepare a saline dog eye wash solution. This isotonic solution best matches the natural composition of dog tears. Dissolve ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of distilled water. Stir it properly and apply with a cotton ball or eyedropper. 5 to 6 drops per eye will be quite enough. This dog eye wash solution is perfect for mild eye irritation. If your pet has more severe irritation, add 5 drops of euphrasy (eyebright) to your saline mixture. Use this dog eye wash solution up to 4 times per day.
  • Apply a drop of cod-liver oil into the lower eyelid or directly onto the eye surface. Do it every 4 hours. The juice of raw cucumbers, as well as olive or castor oil, also can be applied the same way. Follow with your saline dog eye wash solution to achieve better effects.
  • Different medicinal herbs have always been used in folk medicine to treat all sorts of health issues. Herbs dog eye wash can soothe your pet’s inflamed eyes and relieve eye irritation. Celandine, Rue and Golden Seal have an additional antiseptic and cleansing effect. Dog eye wash with calendula, rosemary, euphrasy, raspberry or chamomile tea will be of great use. Put a heaping teaspoon of the herb into boiling water, strain after 5 minutes and cool. Soak a cotton ball with the infusion and apply to the eye.
  • Another effective dog eye wash solution contains some boric acid. It has great cleaning and healing properties. Since boric acid comes in powder, to make your dog eye wash solution you need to do the following. Boil a quart of water and add a tablespoon of boric acid. Stir properly, cool and store in a glass container.

A dog eye wash solution is an effective way to take care of your dog’s eyes. You can buy it or easily make it yourself. There are many dog eye wash remedies, so choose the one that suits you best. Apart from using dog eye wash solutions, take all necessary precautions to protect the eyes of your pooch. Keep him inside a vehicle and avoid any irritating substances. Prevent possible eye problems and always have your dog eye wash solution at hand!


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