Dog Brushes Types

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Are you looking for high quality dog brushes for grooming, flea and tick control, long hair, and tangles? We did the research for you and put together a fully comprehensive guide to the best brushes you could find for your pets. Not only did we look for the best brands and prices, but we also have advice for you if you need help with controlling pests on your dog, keeping their hair smooth and de-tangled, and maintaining your show dog’s coat for the best performance. Keep reading to find out more about the best brush and tips for these tasks.

Dog Brushes for Flea & Tick Control
Did you know there are specially designed combs that are used for flea and tick control on dogs? These flea combs and tick removers can help you address this serious health problem that bothers pets and their owners on a daily basis.

You can find a variety of combs and brushes used for this purpose, and some of the most popular ones are the Safari Flea Comb with a Double Row of Teeth, the Bamboo Dog Slicker Brush with Flea and Fine Tooth Comb, the M2 Pets Snap-N-Clean Dog and Cat Flea and Tick Comb, and also the Safari Flea Comb. All of these have been highly rated by consumers for their exceptional performance in getting rid of fleas and ticks that are bothering your dog.
Having a great brush is only part of the pest control problem, though. You also need to be sure you buy the proper shampoos and treatments for your pet to take care of the problem once and for all. A brush will work to keep the coat soft and well-groomed, as well as make the pests more noticeable. Washing your dog and applying treatments is also necessary if you want to see results.

Types of Brushes
Out of all the new products on the market, you will have three basic types to choose from. These include slickers, wire-pins, and bristles. It’s important to examine and become familiar with your dog’s coat before you choose a brush. The length and texture are the determining factors when picking out the right brush for your dog.

All coat types can benefit from a bristle brush, but you need to pay special attention to the length of the bristles and spaces between them. The longer the coat of your dog, the longer the bristles should be. That’s easy to remember, but you also need to keep in mind the bristles should be widely spaced – not narrow. If your dog has a coarse coat, then you should choose bristles that are more stiff than soft, as well.

Dogs that have medium to long hair and have curly or wooly coats will love wire-pin dog brushes. These feel the best on their coat, and it will encourage them to enjoy petting and grooming more often. These may have rubber-tipped ends for comfort or no special tips at all.

Slicker brushes are great for removing mats and tangles. These types of brushes most often have fine wire bristles. You may also recognize this kind being used on cats, who are also famous for shedding and having extra dead hair to be removed.

Dog Grooming with a Brush
Brushing your dog can be fun and enjoyable for both of you. Dogs love having their hair brushed, as long as use high quality products that are gentle on their coat. You also want to be sure that you comb or brush in the right direction. This will depend on the type of coat they have, as mentioned above. You will always want to brush with the coat’s grain for dogs with short and smooth coats, short wiry coats, medium to long flowing coats, or harsh outer coats with soft-wooly undercoats. Brushing against the grain of the hair is the best option for dogs with thin, delicate coats. Believe it or not, the manner in which you groom them is very important for their comfort level.

Some combs and brushes are even self-cleaning, which makes them easy to use with minimal effort. Sometimes it’s as easy as pushing a button, and the pins will retract so the hair can fall away without you having to spend precious time cleaning. The pad of the brush can then be wiped clean. An example of this type is the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs, which has stainless steel pins and a comfort handle. It’s a great option for low maintenance and easy brushing.

Best Brushes for Long Hair
If you want to find dog brushes for long hair, then you are at the right place. The texture and thickness of your dog’s coat will also determine the best type of brush for them, no matter what the length. For curly or wooly coats, wire-pin brushes are the best choice when they have medium to long length hair.

A smoother, flowing coat that isn’t necessarily wooly or curly will benefit the most from brushing with the coat’s grain. In this case, you will want to use a soft to medium bristle brush. The bristles should be long in length and medium or wide-spaced bristles. Narrow bristles are not the best. Look for a slicker brush for mats and tangles and high quality bristle brushes for long hair.

Brushes Famous for Show Dogs
There a couple of very popular brands on the market that sell brushes famous for show dogs and their coast. One example is All Systems, who creates a wide variety of high-quality show dog supplies. Small wooden handbrushes, pin brushes, colored versions, and massage brushes are all different types you can find under the All Systems line. They also produce the popular professional slickers which are soft enough for even the most delicate and fragile of coats. Strong enough to work through dogs’ dense coats and remove the excess dead hair, they are loved by people in the show industry for good reason.

Extra cushioning is a common feature in brushes for show dogs, because they provide the added benefit of minimized hair loss. No one likes when their dog sheds hair unnecessarily. That’s true whether you own a show dog or have one as a pet. Using the right dog brushes will help you with this problem and keep them well-groomed for years to come.

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