Pet Grooming Equipment

Dog grooming supplies are necessary in order to keep up with your dog’s grooming needs. Physical maintenance, like care of coat and nails, is one of your dog’s basic needs. When choosing general supplies for your dog, do not forget the grooming equipment. Here are a few basics to help you choose the best dog grooming supplies and equipment for your own dog.

1. Dog Brushes and Combs

Dogs can have so many hair types, so it’s no surprise that there are so many types of dog brushes available. Choose a brush or comb that best suits your dog’s hair. Your dog may benefit from more that one type of brush or comb.

  • Bristle Brushes work well for most hair types. Bristle types vary from soft to firm and from long to short.
  • Wire Pin Brushes are best for dogs with medium to long hair.
  • Slicker Brushes are used to break up tangles and mats in medium to long-haired dogs. [click to continue…]


As a dog owner, it is just necessary to be responsible enough to take care of the grooming processes for your dog. This is not only to provide your dog stylish looks and adorable fragrance. It is rather one of the important factors that maintain your beloved dog’s well-being. Just imagine if you don’t give your cute puppy a bath for a long time. Aside from the fact that it will develop a stinking odor in its body, neglecting such procedure will also affect its health, and thus your little puppy can be vulnerable to a variety of dog diseases. Besides, regular grooming of the dog is one of the most powerful weapons against dogs’ ultimate enemies – ticks, nits, fleas, and other sorts of parasites inhabiting their hair and giving them bothersome or even painful sensation. These and more explain why it is best to secure the essential dog grooming kits as part of the responsibilities of a dog owner. [click to continue…]


Some people treat there pets as pets, some people treat there pets as members of the family, and some people treat there pets like babies! I fall into the last category as I have a pet dog who is like my baby. I spoil him rotten and I love buying him everything from toys, clothes, right through to pet grooming supplies.

My dog is a white Yorkshire terrier, and he can get quite hairy and dirty, so I always need loads of pet grooming supplies. My dog is called Boss, and he has his own hair clippers and dog grooming scissors. He also has his own set of brushes and combs. All in all, he has more beauty products than me! I decided to look on various internet sites as I was interested in just how many pet grooming products where out there, not just for my dog, but also other pets. People are able to get pet grooming supplies for cats, all the way up-to horses! My pet dog is a little smaller than a horse, but in my eyes twice as important, so I decided I would spoil him rotten and get him loads of pet grooming supplies as Christmas was not too far away.

I started by getting my dog some high quality bathing products, as unlike most dogs, mine loves to have a bath. I also got him some conditioner as I couldn’t have my baby with split ends! I already had anti-flea shampoo but I decided to get him some more as they have some really top quality items out there for sale. I also found some fragrance sprays and de-tangling products which was great. I also bought my dog a few coats which would keep him warm in the winter months. The Internet really opened my eyes as I was so surprised at the sheer amount of pet grooming supplies available. I found pet grooming supplies available for rabbits, hamsters, cats , guinea pigs and so many more pets. I shouldn’t be surprised really as the size of the animal doesn’t really matter. If you want an immaculate gorgeous pet, then the products are out there regardless of the pets size. I spent around two months washing and grooming my pet dog, firstly twice a week, then once a week. After the two month period my dog was even more gorgeous and immaculate than before. I used really high quality grooming products, and it made such a difference as all my friends and family made several comments on how beautifully turned out Boss the dog was! [click to continue…]


Many people drop their dog off at any dog groomers service and never really give it a second thought. In most cases their dogs are returned looking sharp and smelling great. However there have been many instances where this has not been the case. Death and inјury at the dog grooming salon is a more common occurrence then it should be. Unfortunately their simply aren’t many laws in place when it comes to protecting our furry loved ones from harm.

There have been many cases of dogs that have been left in cage dryers and forgotten until it was too late. There have been cases of ears, tongues, and tails being flat out cut off by a negligent groomers. Dogs have been burned by clippers or gotten ear infections due to water entering the ear canal when being bathed. The most unfortunate thing is that most all of these cases could have been easily prevented.

What most people do not know is that in many states there are no regulations are laws to governed pet groomers. There is no license required, no inspections made and no guidelines that must be followed. This means that anyone with a pair of clippers can call themselves a dog or pet groomer and it is absolutely legal. They may have no training what so ever. Even the so called “Certified” Groomer is not necessarily properly trained to handle your pet. There are many grooming schools that offer this so called certification and to be completely honest most of it means absolutely nothing. There are even online courses that offer certification. There is no way that you can learn all there is to know about properly handling pets and grooming online. There are certifications that are more legit then others and some do deserve respect. Groomers that have been certified Master Groomers by the National Dog Grooming Association have proven their skills time and time again in order to obtain this title. However there are many schools that are certifying people as “Master Groomers” that have no real testing nor do they have the right to use this title. The NDGAA had the term Master Groomer Copy Righted many years ago and the only real Master Groomers are certified through NDGAA. [click to continue…]


Groomer's Best Pet Tub 48" SS StandardYou are a professional pet groomer and looking for quality grooming equipment? With the present-day wide selection of pet products, even being a professional doesn’t make it easier to choose the right product for your needs. If it’s a pet tub that you need, here are some useful reviews of high-quality tubs that possess all necessary features to satisfy your needs both as a pet groomer and an exigent professional.

Economy pet grooming tubs

If you are a beginner in the dog grooming business, economy premium pet tubs can be a great option to start with, since the prices for them range from 700 to 1,300$. One of such variants is the Groomer’s Best Pet Tub 48″ SS Standard. Made of durable 20-gauge 304 stainless steel, this bathtub will last you a lifetime. The average model has dimensions of 24″D x 48″L x 57-1/2″, but you may also opt for small or oversize models. Its sturdy construction on full-width legs with levelers will make bathing of your pet safe and secure. The Groomer’s Best Pet Tub 48″ SS Walk-Thru is an even better option as it comes with an added ramp for easier and more comfortable transporting of animals in and out of tub to avoid back strain. Of course, you can pick clip_image004[4]just a basic tub without a ramp, which will save you several hundreds of dollars. But if you choose a walk-in model with a ramp covered with a nonskid mat for safe movement of pets and a slide-in door with a 13″ x 10″ walk-through opening, you will also be able to take care of your back. When not in use, you can easily push the ramp back under tub and enjoy comfortable bathing. For additional payment you can also get a plumbing package that includes:

  • Chrome faucet with 4″ centers
  • Polyurethane coiled hose
  • Spray head
  • PVC p-trap
  • Drain with strainer
  • Vacuum breaker

You will also be able to choose between left- or right-sided drain and 8″ or 4″ centers faucet holes. Drain is on the opposite side of ramp.

[click to continue…]


It is highly essential not rushing to find a pet, keeping in mind the fact all puppies look particularly cute! You should perform an evaluation of your lifestyle to determine which type of dog would be most suitable, and, also, whether it really is good to start with a puppy, or opt for a matured dog that, in the course of no fault of its own, may be in need of a good home. Possibly the key fact is not to be carried away merely by the looks of a purebred dog; you must delve into its ancestry, which will provide you an helpful insight into its character and needs.

If you reside in a city apartment, evidently, a lively gun-dog desiring plenty of work-out is not to be suggested. It would be great to find a pet from the companion breeds, which are not merely miniature in size, but also require far less experience. Giant dogs are apparently costlier to maintain than their smaller family, thanks to their larger appetites. They are furthermore expected to enclose a shorter lifespan, probably averaging about 10 years, compared with small dogs which are likely to live into their teens. They will also be stronger, and may not be easy for elderly owners or younger children to control on a lead. [click to continue…]


Chain store faculties are businesses like Petco or PetSmart that supply their staff pet grooming coaching for little price. Repeatedly the price is going to be the price of grooming tools solely. In contrast to ancient pet grooming faculties, with a sequence store you’ll begin with bathing the pets to find out a way to handle the pets and interact with homeowners. You’re expected to find out quickly and abide by the stores non-compete and commitment of employment contract. One huge disadvantage is store chain groomers are paid minimum wage.

Online courses are an alternative choice in pet grooming faculties. There are many blessings, like you’ll attend anytime and from anywhere, therefore it fits virtually any student’s schedule. The price is typically lower and most on-line pet grooming courses provide financing or payment plans to assist you financially. There are many disadvantages. The categories are mainly bookwork, on-line discussion and videos with no hand on coaching or live demonstrations. This could hinder your ability to find out. the scholar doesn’t get hands-on coaching with a true pet to find out issues of safety and what’s wish to work with a live animal. [click to continue…]


A pet grooming table can be literally the base of your pet grooming. It’s perfect to have a special grooming site, instead of putting the pet on your lap, floor or other fancy place. Many professional groomers have already found a pet grooming table invaluable in a grooming process. No wonder as a pet grooming table is not only a landing for a pet to sit on. It’s also a comfortable place for a grooming dryer, clippers and other tools. Moreover, a pet grooming table top is useful in gathering excess hair so that it doesn’t float all over the place. Some new pet owners may consider a pet grooming table not as important as, for example, a grooming clipper or a hair brush. But once tried, you will feel in full the benefits of this grooming tool. Besides, in a salon you can see how easily a groomer handles even the wiggliest dog by means of a pet grooming table with an arm and noose. You can also feel like a real pro if acquiring this effective grooming device for your pet. Fortunately, there is a vast choice of grooming tables as well as necessary accessories to choose from. Though, such a variety can easily bewilder an inexperienced beginner in grooming business.

Let’s look at a number of desired features of your pet grooming table:

  • Overall dimensions
  • Safety and steadiness
  • Durability
  • Affordable price
  • Usability
  • Warranty

When choosing a pet grooming table, you should consider each characteristic step by step. The following guide will help you with it. [click to continue…]


Looking for a good pet dryer? The best choice for you would be a pet dryer of high quality at affordable price. This helpful device is irreplaceable for a quick and high grade pet grooming. Human blow dryers can be harmful to your dog or cat. They use a too hot airflow which can overdry or even burn the pet’s coat and skin. This leads to skin irritation, sores and further health problems. A special pet dryer will give your pet’s fur a nice and well-groomed look. Moreover, it will save you twice as much time and effort. A quality pet dryer is perfectly suited for both professional and home dog grooming. Make sure to choose a safe pet dryer which will meet all your pet’s grooming needs.

There is a vast selection of pet supplies to choose from. Shop around. Many online shops will offer you all sorts of pet grooming products. Leading manufacturers in pet industry such as Wgroom, Top Paw™, Grreat Choice, Andis will assure high quality and durability of their goods. A pet dryer of any of these trademarks will last you a lifetime.

When choosing a pet dryer you should pay attention to certain qualities of the product. Let’s take a look at some desirable features of your pet dryer.

  • High performance. A quality pet dryer must be equipped with a powerful motor which generates a high volume of air. Several heat settings and air speeds will allow you to adjust the air force to your grooming needs. [click to continue…]


Pet grooming equipment is irreplaceable in your pet grooming routine. Cats and dogs can bring a lot of joy and happiness to our home. In return, we must bear all the responsibility for their health and welfare. Caring for our pets is impossible without pet grooming equipment. A proper and quality pet grooming equipment will make the grooming experience easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. Moreover, it will save you costs on professional groomers and grooming salons.

Any decent pet store will offer you a wide range of pet grooming equipment to any taste and need. Different online shops supply retail and wholesale pet grooming equipment both for professional and home use. If you need to furnish your grooming salon, a vast selection of vet equipment is also at your service.

Make the pet’s living in your house pleasant and cozy by choosing healthy orthopedic dog beds or a comfortable dog crate. If you wish to diversify your pet’s everyday life, easy-to-use bowls & feeders of different shapes and colors will be a perfect bargain.

Cat and dog grooming is not only about regular feeding and walking. You should also care for your pet’s coat, trim his nails, clean his ears and teeth. All these basic grooming procedures will be easy with a good pet grooming equipment. Before starting, make sure you are well-informed of all modern grooming tools. With a present-day variety of pet supplies, it’s possible to find any pet grooming equipment for all aspects of your pet grooming routine. [click to continue…]