Dog Nail Trimming

A dremel dog nails trimming tool is a very important equipment for the regular grooming of your dog. Usually if you happen to leave your dog’s nails to overgrow, they start breaking and this causes bleeding and pain to your pet. The dremel tool is more advantageous to use as compared to all other standard clippers available in the market currently. This is because it comes with different models in order to fit different individual tastes and requirements. For example we have varieties of dremel dog nails grinders which are either electric or battery powered and operate at different speed levels.


First you need to ensure that your dog’s nails are clean and properly dry before grinding them. Due to the possibility of hypersensitivity and abnormal behavior from your dog, please ensure that you make your dog used (or at least familiar) to the sound and the feel of an operating dremel grinder. Most dogs would tend to be traumatized at the onset of a strange sound especially if this sound is directed at them. Once your dog is used to the sound of a dremel tool, now you can go ahead and embark on trimming the nails. Ensure that you apply minimal pressure to the nail tips by using the sander portion of the dremel. You should always be on the look out for any signs of fear from your pet and stop immediately if you realize that your dog cannot cope with this new development. Performing such regular sessions will get your dog used to the dremel dog nails tool and before long it will be a hassle free procedure. [click to continue…]


Dog Nail Bleeding Tips

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Trimming a dog’s nails is rather a ticklish problem, but when it comes to dog nail bleeding, things can get even worse. The first and necessary thing you have to do is not to panic. Then you will need to take quick first aid measures, besides there are several easy and effective ways to stop dog nail bleeding. The nails of your pet can be endangered from many sides. Your dog is active, and you cannot always control what surface he will land his paws on. Even if your pet spends most of the time indoors, there is a possibility of his nails to get stuck in the hardwood floor, carpets or other surfaces. All this may result in broken and bleeding, or what is worse torn toe nails. None of these cases is pleasant to both the dog and his owner.

Dog nail bleeding is a thing rather common and not very serious if treated quickly and properly. However, it can be easily prevented. If you do not trim your dog’s nails regularly and let them grow long and sharp, they can either break by themselves or grow into the footpad. You can only imagine how much pain and discomfort it will cause to your dear friend. The only way to help him is through a proper and regular nail care. To learn how to care for a dog’s nails and how to clip them safely, you can either consult your veterinarian or read our article on [click to continue…]


Dog Nail Polish Tips

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Nail Polish for Dogs
Are you ready to paint your dog’s nails with some high-quality dog nail polish that is bound to catch people’s attention? This guide is going to help you find the best brands, as well as show you how to go about painting your pet’s nails. We know it can be a delicate process, but we’re here to help!

You will also get information on some of the types of polish, the most popular brands, and the best rated products so you can give your pet a pedicure soon. We also included information on additional pet supplies for nail grooming that you may want to consider getting along with the polish in order to ensure a healthy, attractive set of nails. [click to continue…]


Dog Nail Caps: 4 Reasons To Use

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Dog nail caps are a significant step forward in dog nail trimming. With dog nail caps you will finally put an end to irritating scratching by your pet. This new effective method will let you and your guests spend more time with your beloved pooch. At first you might think that dog nail caps rank with nail polishing for dogs, fancy haircuts and other extravagant things. But do not hurry with your conclusions! Dog nail caps can be very helpful in practice. Once tried, you won’t believe how easy you can deal with sharp claws of your pet. Read the following reasons for using dog nail caps and you will get all the necessary evidence.

  1. Your pet’s nails can be really sharp. Though a natural means of defense, this fact can often interfere with pleasurable time you’d like to spend with your favorite friend. Many pet owners complain that their dog’s nails are still very sharp even after they have been trimmed and filed. If you are tired of constant scratches on your body and looking for a safe method to avoid this unpleasant thing, it’s high time to try dog nail caps. Of course, you can constantly chase your dog with a nail trimmer or a dremel to file the dog’s nail every time it gets too sharp. But why not proceed to a more advanced method such as using dog nail caps? These are vinyl covers that are glued on to the nails to make them blunt. Soft Claws Nail Caps will be the perfect choice for you. These dog nail caps look pretty much like your dog’s nails only hollow inside. You can pick clear dog nail caps or adorn your pet’s nails with any color you wish. Soft Claws, also known as Soft Paws, come in black, red, pink, purple or blue. Dog nail caps with sparkling glitter will satisfy even the most extravagant tastes of pet owners. You can apply the nail caps yourself or ask your veterinarian. Though, using Soft Paws shouldn’t be a problem to you, as a dog nail caps package has everything you need. A Soft Paws take home kit contains 40 nail caps, 2 tubes of adhesive and application instructions. Simply fill a nail cap 1/3 with glue and slide it onto the nail. Do not forget to trim the nail tips before applying dog nail caps. If you have a large dog, he may often express his affection by jumping onto you. In this case to avoid damage from scratching, you may apply nail caps to his front paws only. [click to continue…]

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Dog nail problems can and should be prevented by regular nail trimming. This is an essential part of your grooming routine necessary for maintaining good overall health of your smaller friend. Even one neglected nail can result in serious dog nail problems for your pooch. Long nails cause much discomfort to the owner. Curled nails complicate a dog’s walk. An overgrown dog’s nail can easily get suck in different surfaces. A snagged nail, when pulled too hard, can be torn out entirely. Untrimmed nails can grow into the footpad. This is especially true of dew claws. Dog nail problems make pet suffer from great pain. But these unpleasant incidents can be avoided by a regular nail trim. Brittle or cracked nails can also indicate some underlying skin disease or immune disorder. Thus, by proper nail trimming procedure you are able not only to prevent potential dog nail problems. Regular check-ups of your pet’s nail & paw conditions will help you reveal other health issues, if any.

There are some most general dog nail problems your pet may face.

Brittle nails

Brittle, dry or cracked nails are among widespread dog nail problems. Some veterinarians recommend supplementing dog’s food with biotin. Adding zinc gluconate may be effective for dogs with zinc deficiency. The latter can also cause various dog nail problems. [click to continue…]


A good dog nail clipper can greatly help you in a pet nail grooming process. A process which should be done to any dog breed on a regular basis. If you wish to maintain good health of your precious pet you are obliged to provide him with a solid dog nail care. It is difficult for dogs with long nails to put their full weight on the feet while walking. This deforms their gait. If your dog’s nails are too long they might easily get stuck in any surface. Especially if you have a wooden floor with planks. Pulling off the whole nail will be very painful and dangerous for your pet. What is even worse, neglecting a nail grooming may result in ingrown nails. This is particularly true of dog’s dew claws. If not clipped in time they may curve and grow into the dog’s paw. Only regular and proper nail trimming will prevent your pet from such painful consequences.

Like in any other business it’s necessary to pick the right tools. A quality dog nail clipper will always be safe for your dog and effective for you in the process of nail grooming. There is a huge variety of pet supplies on the market today, so you may find it a bit difficult to choose the right product for you. Make sure to purchase the best dog nail clipper which will last you a lifetime.

First let’s determine all the necessary features of your future dog nail clipper. It should be:

  • Easy to use. Now it is possible to find corded or cordless pet nail clippers. They are both as effective and easy in use. Both of them guarantee a safe and proper nail trimming for your dog. But you may find a cordless pet nail grooming a little easier as you are able to trim your dog’s nails anywhere. This is especially useful for dogs that are wiggling all the time.
  • Durable and safe. Make sure to choose a dog nail clipper with stainless steel blades. You will be able to clean them easily with water. Such nail trimmer will provide you with long years of service [click to continue…]


Dog nail trimming plays an essential part in dog grooming. Just like humans, dogs and cats should also be taken care of. Thorough hair brushing as well as teeth and ear cleaning shouldn’t be overlooked. Dog nail trimming is not an exception to this. It can be as important and has to be done on a regular base. If you feel this ticklish routine is not your strong point, you can always take your pet to a professional groomer. He surely knows how to handle this tricky procedure. But if you are ready and willing to display a bit of courage and trust on your dog, you are welcome to perform dog nail trimming yourself. Once determined you may want to gather some information on this topic. Read the following tips on dog nail trimming before starting.

1.      When should I start dog nail trimming?

It’s not a secret that all that learning and teaching stuff is better at a young age. The same is with your pet. Start a dog nail trimming procedure when he is a puppy. If you have got an already grown-up dog, you might need a little more patience and time. But in both cases you will have to show all your love and tenderness you feel for your dear little friend. Don’t be too pushy and aggressive. At first he should get accustomed to your grooming kit. Come up to the dog and place your pet supplies next to him. Let him sniff everything you’ve got. Give your pet a couple of gentle strokes and touch his paws. And do not forget about his favorite treats! Then holding his leg apply a little pressure to each footpad. If your dog doesn’t mind your actions and feels comfortable you are on the right way. The next step will be taking a nail trimmer and trying to clip one nail. If you’ve done it with success praise your pet and reward both of you with some tasty treats! This might be enough for today. Repeat this dog nail trimming procedure the next day doing several nails at a time. Sometimes it may even take a couple of weeks to finish. But be patient and optimistic! [click to continue…]