Dog Ear Cropping

Puppy ear cropping, it is surgical removal of the dog’s ear with a medical, but most often for decorative purposes. Many centuries dog-ear cropping was applied only to fighting and hunting breeds. This was done to strengthen them invulnerable against a possible contender, the other dog or animal. During this time, has become a standard ear cropping of dogs.

Thus were formed the line of the family, and then breed standard which envisaged cropped (with a certain shape and angle setting) ears.
Nowadays, cupping his ears may be appropriate and for medical reasons in the case of formations of ulcers, tumors, necrosis of ears, wounds. In addition, cropped ears are least susceptible to the influences of various infections and foreign bodies. For the same dog, whose function – the protection, ear cropping is simply a necessary means of invulnerability. There is also an opinion that when the rock loses its physical qualities, it moves to deterioration – this refers to those breeds of dogs, for which the relief of the ears has always been a necessity.

Cropped ears are recommended to puppies between the ages of 7 to 13 weeks. This is the most suitable age for such operations. As a rule, at a young age in a dog less likely to manifest a variety of complications, all wounds quickly tightened, and the operation is less painful. However, dogs ear cropping is carried out in a later age. [click to continue…]


Puppy ear cropping is a surgical procedure in which a dog’s ears are shaped in order to stand erect. Taking into consideration that there is no medical benefit for a dog, puppy ear cropping and tail docking can be placed on the same footing as cosmetic surgery for people. Only with one difference that a dog cannot decide whether he wants his ears cropped or not. Thus, puppy ear cropping is completely left to the discretion of pet owners. The latter very often forcibly impose their own tastes and preferences on pets without having any particular right for it. There are a number of breeds on which ear cropping and tail docking is most likely to be performed. Doberman Pinschers, Miniature Pinchers, Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, all varieties of Schnauzer, Boxers, Great Danes fall into this “unlucky” category. It should be emphasizes that tail docking and ear cropping is only done for cosmetic purposes. There is neither advantage nor necessity for this procedure. In many countries puppy ear cropping is already outlawed. To get more detailed information on this, you can easily find a list of the legal status of dog ear cropping by country on the internet. Though the practice of puppy ear cropping is still alive, more and more veterinarians refuse to perform such surgery. Dog kennel clubs in different countries also oppose to puppy ear cropping. At present dogs with or without ear crop are allowed in the show ring.

Puppy ear cropping was believed to prevent ear infections by improving air ventilation in floppy and closed dogs’ ears. But this fact has never acquired any medical proof. True or not, but dogs with cropped ears were thought to hear better. Puppy ear cropping is still performed to give the dog’s appearance a fierce look so that the dog could fulfill his guarding duties more effectively. Sometimes your purebred dog looks completely unrecognizable as such with his natural ears. Hence, one more reason for dog ear cropping is to comply with the breed standards. [click to continue…]


Doberman ear cropping arouses much debate in today’s pet owners society. Doberman ear cropping is a surgical operation of shaping the Doberman ears to make them stand erect. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, for the part of the ear is being removed. But despite the risk of using anesthesia, the danger of doberman ear cropping lies not in the operation itself. It’s after the surgery where the problems start. Months of post-operative care may follow. You become committed to all this bandaging, cleaning the ear edges, wrapping and taping of the dog’s cropped ears. The worst thing is that despite all your diligence and care you still may end up with bad, frustrating results. Your dog’s ears may not stand upright in the end for a number of reasons. Then a repeat ear cropping surgery will be required.

The bad thing is that doberman ear cropping is only done for cosmetic purposes. At present there is no proven medical benefit to this procedure. Fortunately, many countries have already banned doberman ear cropping. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has opposed to this practice making the American Kennel Club allow uncropped dogs in the show ring. Unfortunately, doberman ear cropping is still widespread in many countries to comply with the breed standards.

Before you decide for such a challenging procedure, make sure to gather all the necessary information on this subject. Weigh all pros & cons of doberman ear cropping. Find the best specialist who has much experience in ear cropping. Before taking the final decision, you may want to ask the following questions to learn more about doberman ear cropping procedure. [click to continue…]


Unfortunately, dog ear cropping still belongs to those deleterious public myths which make people do things according to some strange conventional views. The bad thing is that such convictions may bring harm to your dog. Sometimes the damage can be rather considerable. Dog ear cropping and tail docking is supposed to have cosmetic purposes only. Therefore this practice is absolutely useless and unnecessary from a medical point of view.

Dog ear cropping is a surgical operation in which a portion of the dog’s ear is removed. This is done to make the remaining triangular piece of the ear stand erect. Usually puppies should be about 7-12 weeks of age. If more, many vets and surgeons refuse to perform dog ear cropping procedure because of the possible risks of non-erect ears in the end. A puppy is put under general anesthesia which of itself poses a risk for his health.

Many people treat dog ear cropping just like any other surgery. Though, one can find in this painful procedure no particular physical or medical advantage for a dog. Therefore dog ear cropping and tail docking equals cosmetic surgery for people. But we do not have the right to impose our tastes and preferences on dogs. First try to think how ready and enthusiastic you would be to have your friend or relative undergo an operation. Then why do this to your four-legged friend?! Before considering dog ear cropping for your own dog make sure you’ve got acquainted with all the facts and details concerning this procedure. Weigh all pros and cons so that you may not come to the wrong decision. This mistake will cost you a lot. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here is some food for thought. [click to continue…]